5 Types of Wooden Fencing You Need to Know About!

yard fencing

Adding a wooden fence to your property can provide an array of different advantages. Once you’ve decided that you want to fence your property with wood, then you’ll need to decide which type works best for your needs. The following overview can help you decide.

Picket-Style Fencing

4 foot tall cedar wooden fence dog ear picket with dip top

Far from losing favor over the years, picket-style fencing is still a popular choice for many homeowners. Neat, uniform and cozy, a picket fence presents a wholesome and family-oriented image. Many designs of picket fencing can also be useful for keeping children and pets contained. Unlike the designs of yesteryear, today’s picket fencing is available in a variety of different materials to suit your own unique situation while also giving you the look of wood that you love.

Split-Rail Fencing

split rail fence

Another type of fencing that has long stood the test of time, split-rail fencing is for decorative purposes only. If you want to add whimsical charm to your property, then split-rail fencing might be exactly what you’re looking for. It should not, however, be relied upon to keep the perimeter of your property secure. You also shouldn’t let your dogs outside and expect them to be contained by a split-rail fence.

Stockade-Style Fencing

what is a stockade fence

An example of a wooden stockade fence.

Stockade fencing is sometimes called privacy fencing — and for good reason. Available in a range of heights to afford a homeowner the kind of privacy they want and need, a stockade fence consists of tall slats that are attached to sturdy posts.

While this design does provide nearly complete privacy, it can also restrict the air flow as well, making it difficult to ventilate the yard and increasing the temperature within it. If this is a concern, there are offset stockade fences. In this design, the slats are installed in a slightly offset manner so that airflow can be maintained. While it is possible for someone to see inside the yard through the slats, they might be in the exact position in order to do so.

Lattice Fencing

wood lattice fence

Here’s an example of a wooden lattice fence.

Lattice fencing is the rare type of wood fence that offers both beauty and an element of privacy. Designed in a charming and classic fashion so that the slats overlap each other, a lattice fence allows for superb airflow throughout the entire yard, thanks to the openings created by this design.

A lattice fence, in spite of its openings, does also provide privacy that some other types of wood fencing, such as split rail and pickets, might lack. Another use that is common for a lattice fence is to block others from seeing an eyesore, such as your trash cans, the underside of a deck or your air conditioning unit, that are present on the property.

Wood fencing seamlessly works with the existing landscape design in a way that some other materials do not. Nevertheless, the process of choosing the right wood fence often takes a consultation with a fencing expert like Fallston Fence provides a variety of residential and commercial installation and repair services. Contact us for more information.