How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Old Fence

when is it time to replace an old fence

You don’t have to (and you shouldn’t) wait for your wood to start rotting or your posts to start sagging before you begin thinking about repairing or replacing existing fences on your property. There are many times when you may want to simply repair your fence. This can be a good choice in some cases, however, it is important to keep your fence in good condition and often, replacing your fence and starting from scratch with a good quality fence is the right route to go. Following are ways to tell when it’s definitely time to talk to a fence contractor about replacing your existing fence.

You need to replace/repair at least 20-25% of your fence

This is the general rule of thumb; if you need to fix more than 20% of your fence, your best bet is to replace the whole thing.

You need to repair posts

Posts are harder to repair because they are often grounded very well in cement. If it’s just a few horizontal slats or boards that need fixing up, you may be able to repair those.

Your fence is old and there are no matching replacement parts

Obviously, you don’t want a mismatch of five different colors and materials. Also, it’s more likely with an old fence that it’s not very sturdy.

You have a new addition to your home

This doesn’t necessarily mean adding physical square footage to your house, though it could. Other additions that might require replacing a fence are children, dogs, and pools. Not only would you want a reliable, sturdy fence, you probably also want to upgrade to a privacy fence.

Termites or rotten wood

If the structural integrity of your fence is compromised by termites or wood rot, it’s best to replace the whole thing. You also might want to consider a different material, such as vinyl or metal if this is a recurring problem.

Your fence was damaged

Common sources of damage include storms, natural disasters, and car accidents. Hopefully, the fence protected you and your home, but most likely you can’t fix that kind of damage with a patch job.

When you move into a new home

If you move to a new home, chances are you won’t be in love with the existing fence. There is nothing wrong with getting a replacement just because you don’t like the way the current fence looks. It’s also possible the former owners didn’t take great care of the fence, so you should make sure it’s structurally sound and meeting your needs.

Rusting fence or gates

Rust can be hard to contend with. Not only does it not look pleasant, but it will also wear the fence down over time.

Fencing contractors are a great resource to help you determine if you should be fixing your backyard fence or if you need to completely replace the fence. No matter the reason: a joyous new addition, a devastating tragedy, or simply the desire for a beautiful new fence, Fallston Fence can create the perfect look for your home. We offer chain link fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, and ornamental fences. Give us a call today to get a replacing existing fence quote.