Keep Your Dog Safe with a Dog Fence

Keep Your Dog Safe with a Dog Fence

Why did the dog escape the fenced in yard? Because it could. That’s not funny, but it is true. Dogs will look for ways to get out of a fenced in yard because they’re alone. Because they’re bored. Because they want to. Dog owners who are also homeowners need to find the best sort of fence to buy for their dog and the best fence for their home.

People who have never had a dog or a fence for that dog may believe that all they need to do is put a fence up and the problem of their dog getting out and running is solved. Unfortunately, that is not true. A dog will try to go over, under, or through a fence. If those things don’t work, the dog may try to chew through a fence. If the dog owner tries an underground or a wireless fence, many dogs figure out how to either run through the signal that provides the shock or they figure out how to run the batter or the charge down.

Make a Dog Safer

Depending on the size your dog will be when grown—not the size of the puppy right now–purchase a fence that is tall enough for how big your dog will be. A tall dog that is determined to escape a fence can probably jump a three-foot fence or even a four-foot fence. You should consider putting up a six foot or eight-foot fence from the beginning. Some dogs can even jump or climb over a six-foot fence. A solution for those dogs is an angled fence extension that adds height and angles into the yard to help convince your pup pal to stay put.

A little dog can use a doghouse or tree to gain height to get over even a six-foot fence. You can use plants to prevent your critter from getting up speed for and leverage for a leap. Plants can also help prevent your dog that is part gopher from being about to dig under the fence by having roots that prevent unwanted digging next to the fence. This greenery can also make your yard look better if you choose wisely and keep the bushes or hedges maintained.

Other solutions include the installation of PVC pipes at the top of a fence. The pipes, which can be painted or dyed, sit over wire or bars so that if a dog (or coyote or another critter) will just spin and stay on their side of the fence.

An iron, chain link, or wooden fence not only helps to keep your dog at home, and to keep bad critters from getting into them, but they can also help make your home look better. A fence can also add privacy to the area it covers so you’re not only keeping your pets safe but out of site too. This can add value to your home. As a homeowner, you need to give your dog enough attention and provide toys that will make keep your dog entertained. Keep your dog safe, and other’s safe from your dog—while also making your home look better– with a great fence. Give Fallston Fence a call today for a free estimate!