Understanding Your Options: How to Choose the Best Type of Yard Fencing

yard fencing

In 2015, the global fencing market had a value of $24.22 billion. The value of the fencing market rose to $25.489 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $35.810 by 2024. Several factors have contributed to this momentum. They include new housing construction, remodeling and the rise in security concerns.

Also, homeowners are spending more on fencing to improve their home aesthetic value. It is expected that residential homes will account for the large share of the fencing market.

As a homeowner, yard fencing can boost your security and enhance your privacy. For starters, the best backyard fence can offer privacy as you relax by the pool. It can also prevent unauthorized persons from gaining entry to your home.

Want to keep your dogs within the property or mask your backyard from street view?

Here is the need to know information on how to choose the best type of yard fencing.

Learn the Different Types of Yard Fencing

Shopping is always a daunting task. Why? You have to compare and contrast different products. Also, you have to learn their different features to narrow down which suits your needs.

When it comes to yard fencing, you can make your shopping experience pleasant. How? By learning the different types of fencing. Available fencing for yards includes:

  • Wood fences – solid board, picket, split rail, shadowbox, and stockade
  • Metal fences – chain link fencing (plain galvanized and vinyl coated), ornamental aluminum
  • PVC/Vinyl fences

If you prefer a natural look, wood is the best option. But if you want to protect your pets and keep them within the property, choose chain link fencing.

Reasons for Fencing

Why do you want to fence your yard? Would you like to enhance your privacy and secure your pool? Do you want to improve the aesthetic value of your home? Want to mask the view of your backyard from the street?

To enhance privacy and boost security, choose a fence that leaves no space between boards. A good choice would be wood. You can also opt for privacy screens and fences. They will add a bold design to your property without going overboard.

Want to ensure true privacy in your backyard? Determine the length of the fence by measuring the height.

Hire a Professional Contractor

There are a lot of DIY tutorials online and you may be tempted to shop and fence your yard. Don’t. Hire a professional fence contractor instead. Why? They have specialized tools for yard fencing.

As experts, they are skilled, experienced and can help you select the best fence material. Also, they can inspire you with a new design such as a steeped design or a wood fence with built-in shelves.

Get Your Dream Yard Fencing

No matter your reasons for installing a fence, hire a fence contractor and get the best yard fencing. Before choosing a fence, have a budget. The best backyard fence should be economical to run, stylish and enhance the value of your home.

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