Wood Fences

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Advantages of a Wood Fence

Fence Repair Estimate

Even with the advent of vinyl fencing options, wood fences still rule the landscape throughout the Fallston area. Known for the privacy and affordable price, many people still choose wood fences for their natural beauty.

If chain link fences are the most affordable option, wood fences are not far behind. With a variety of materials available, it is possible to install a wood fence on just about any budget.

When it comes to finishes, wood fences are blank slates. Since they require regular repainting, staining or treating, you can spruce up your fence with a whole new theme year after year with a simple trip to the hardware store.

Wood panels are also easy to repair if one becomes warped or damaged. Replace a single board or a whole section at a time with a hammer, a few nails and a weekend afternoon.

Types of Wood

Pressure treated pine and spruce are the most affordable options when it comes to wood fencing. Usually treated with insect repellent to keep termites and insects from nesting in the wood, both options require regular treatment to help them stay sturdy and beautiful despite the elements. Cedar and cypress have natural insect repellent properties and are resistant to rotting making them longer lasting (and more expensive) options than pine and spruce. Cypress also comes with an additional shipping cost since these trees are native to southern states. Redwood is the king of fencing materials carrying the biggest price tag but offering the most beautiful grain, highest rated durability and best insect and rot resistance. Because it is so cost prohibitive, many homeowners opt to have redwood accents in a cedar fence for additional texture and interest.

What Kinds of Maintenance are Required for Wood Fences?

Regardless of the type of wood you use for your fence, it should be regularly treated with paint, stain or water repellant at least every other year. Maryland's unpredictable weather patterns can cause untreated wood fences to warp, break, or look bedraggled. The idea of having to perform regular maintenance on a wood fence is enough to cause many home and property owners to move straight to vinyl. For others, the natural element a wood fence brings to a backyard space is worth a little work.