5 Ways Cat Proof Fences Are Good for You AND Your Pet

cat proof fences

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) came to a consensus that it’s safer to keep cats indoors rather than outdoors. This is because cats kept indoors have a lifespan of about 17years while outdoor cats have a lifespan of about 5 years. Both cats and dogs will need to spend some time outdoors to be healthy.

This, however, poses a risk of the pets escaping. To avert this, the question of installing cat proof fences arises. You might be walking your pet and have noticed a high increment in the installed fences and are wondering, why are more fog and cat lovers installing cat proof fences? Here’s how these fences are good for you and your pet:

5 Advantages of Cat Proof Fences

Increased Security and Privacy
Adding cat proof fences to an already existing backyard fence adds move privacy and makes your home feel more secure. It helps to keep trespassers off your lawn and also keeps critters out.

There are about 1.4million burglaries during the day. This mostly happens when people are at their workplaces or outside running errands. If you’re wondering how to choose the right fence, it’s wise to install an electric one or a sharp pointed one.

Happy and Safer Cat

Letting out your cat only makes them happier. The most effective way to give them the best of both worlds is through the installation of cat containment fences. As long as the fence stays firm and high enough, your pet will stay both safe and happy.

Prevent Diseases and Fights

Some cats get very aggressive when protecting their territories when they encounter other animals. Through the installation of chain link cat guard fences, the possibility of fights with other animals is ruled out.

Diseases are also another major concern that cat lovers have to deal with. Cat proof fences will protect and keep your pet from straying and picking up diseases.

Prevent Any Possible Poisoning

The lack of cat-proof fences poses a risk of poisoning if your pet roams outside your compound. Poisons such as rodent poison, slug pellets, antifreeze poisons, and certain plants, among others can be fatal to your cat when ingested. To prevent any possible poisoning, it’s wiser to install cat proof fences in your yard.


In 2018, the Association for Pet and Obesity Prevention reports that in the U.S, about 56% of dogs and 60% of cats are obese or overweight. It’s sad that one in every three dogs and cats is overweight. Being overweight hurts your cat and has serious health complications.

This obesity epidemic costs a lot of money. It is therefore advised to let your cat roam outside to burn off as many calories to keep them healthy.

Benefits of Cat Proof Fences

It’s clear that cat proof fences are lifesaver both to pet lovers and to the pets as well. Let your pet play outside without having to worry about their safety. This will also save you a few bucks that you’d have otherwise used in unnecessary veterinary expenses. Visit our website to learn more and shop for the best fences in the market.