Ornamental Fences

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A Brief Look at Ornamental Fences

Looking for a way to secure your home without impeding the view of your beautiful architecture or landscape? Ornamental fences might be just what you are looking for. Instead of using vinyl or wood to create panels or pickets, these fences are typically made from metal or steel and give home and property owners the chance to add rails, finials, scrolls or rails to customize each picket.

Types of Ornamental Fencing

Fallston Fence specializes in these types of ornamental fencing:

  • Ornamental Picket Fence – Instead of a "white picket fence" ornamental fences take the idea of a secure area and turn it on its ear. Made from aluminum, steel or iron and manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, ornamental picket fences can enhance the look of any home with customized pickets. Say goodbye to the plain old slat.
  • Metal Privacy Fence – While ornamental picket fences are usually the first thought anyone has, metal privacy fences are also available in a variety of colors, finishes, designs, and materials. Made from anything from corrugated metal to intricate lattice work, metal privacy fences offer the benefits of wood without the maintenance and the privacy of vinyl with a beautiful finish. Fallston Fence also can manufacture a custom metal privacy fence that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Ornamental Fence Materials

  • Ornamental fences are typically made from one of three materials.

    • Aluminum – Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant and inexpensive to manufacture making it one of the most popular options for ornamental fences. Even in the humid conditions so prevalent in Maryland, aluminum fences never rust. Best of all, aluminum fences are usually made from recycled materials and can, in turn, be recycled once it no longer meets your needs. Who would have thought green could be so beautiful?
    • Steel – Steel fences are made from a heavier gauge material making them durable in a way that aluminum is not. Often reinforced by concrete in the base where posts are placed, steel ornamental fencing is durable and can stand up to a lifetime of security with hardly any maintenance. Best of all, it can be treated to offer a different finish that aluminum fences cannot offer.
    • Iron – Remember how your aunts fought over your grandma's cast iron pan that she inherited from her mother? Iron ornamental fences are made of the same material. Iron is a material found in steel, but left on its own is extremely malleable when heated. Where steel is excellent for stamping textures and cuts into a variety of shapes, iron can be cast in sand for original shapes and sizes without sacrificing its durability. If treated as well as your grandma's cast iron skillet, it can last longer than the house it surrounds.

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