Vinyl Fences

Once upon a time, vinyl fences were all white and unimaginative. Today, new manufacturing practices give home and property owners and an endless array of choices for color, patterns, and style.

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Vinyl Fencing Cost

The cost of vinyl fence installation usually falls somewhere between wood fencing and ornamental fencing. Your cost will be determined by whether you choose a vinyl picket fence or privacy fence, the size of the area to be fenced and the colors and styles of material you choose. For many people, the sticker shock of the initial installation is enough to steer them toward a wood or chain link option.

However, many people find that the bi-annual maintenance a wood fence requires outweighs the initial savings over the life of the fence. In other words, you may spend more now for a vinyl fence, but after that initial investment, you won't spend more than a few minutes and a few gallons of water taking care of your fence for the next 30 years.

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Fence Installation

The experts at Fallston Fence have been installing vinyl fences across Maryland for decades. This experience means we understand the importance of preparation in the fence installation process.

  1. You need to know where your fence will sit. As simple as this sounds, it is a multi-step process that requires several trips to the city or county offices. First, you need to know where your property line is. If good fences make good neighbors, fences installed 3 feet onto your neighbor's property can land you in small claims court. Your county assessor will have a record of your property lines, and the Fallston Fence team can help determine exactly where you can place your fence.
  2. Obtain all applicable permits. Generally speaking, fences under six feet tall do not require a building permit from the county. However, city ordinances and community covenants may determine the type, size or color of the fence you can install on your property. If Fallston Fence is installing your fence, we will take care of all applicable permits on your behalf.
  3. Start building the fence! Corner posts are temporarily set to ensure they are plumb and level, and a string line is run along the top of these corner posts. Fence panels are then assembled and set into place before the corner posts are permanently set in concrete for additional stability.

Types of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is classified into two very broad categories:

  • Vinyl Picket Fencing – Much like the traditional "picket fence," vinyl picket fencing is made from narrow pickets topped with a closed, scalloped, domed or open top. Looking for a little Colonial charm without the hassle of whitewashing a fence? Vinyl pickets may be right for you.
  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing – Vinyl privacy fencing is made up of panels constructed from individual vinyl boards. Easy to install and easy to maintain, vinyl privacy fencing offers homeowners a modern look without the hassle of painting or staining.