Fence Types

Whoever said buying a house is one of the most stressful experiences a person could have hasn’t tried to pick the right fence to go with the perfect house. Too tall and it dwarves the look of your home. Too short and it fails to secure your property. The right materials, right size, and right installation can make the difference between a fence that detracts from your property and one that adds value.

Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

One of the most economical and popular fencing options is the chain link fence. Low maintenance and durable, what chain link fences lack in beauty they more than make up for in worry-free living. However, new developments in chain link fencing have made it possible to have color infused mesh, decorate posts, ornate gates and a variety of mesh sizes making them more attractive than ever. Typically a chain link fence is known for security rather than privacy, but they are one of the few fencing options that can stand up to plant growth and climbing vines that offer home and property owners a “living fence” option.

wood fence

Wood Fences

Wood fences can be found all over the Fallston area. Easy to install, wood fences come in pressure treated wood varieties, or those that can be stained or painted for a customized finish. Even so, any paint or stain has to be renewed every one or two years, depending on the type of wood used. While no one is as adept as Tom Sawyer at getting someone else to paint a fence for free, periodically redoing your fence gives you a chance to change the look of your outdoor space.

vinyl fence

Vinyl Fences

Move over wood fences! Vinyl is on the rise. Take the maintenance out of a wood fence without losing the privacy, and you have vinyl fencing. Popular for their durability, property owners are no longer relegated to white privacy panels as their only option. A variety of colors, finish options and panel styles are making vinyl a popular choice in spite of their price tag. But rest assured, vinyl fences are known to last up to 20 years with only a good hose-off once a year.

ornamental fence

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental usually means pretty but impractical unless you are talking about ornamental fences. Typically this type of fencing is available in a variety of metals, colors, finishes, and styles and can offer the same security level as any other fence. Best of all, ornamental fences are virtually maintenance free and can last up to 50 years when properly cared for.


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