7 Pro Maintenance Tips For Your Brand New Wooden Fence

wooden fence maintenance

If you recently had a wooden fence professionally installed on your property, you made a smart investment. Wooden fences create a beautiful sense of structure and privacy, and they also increase your property’s curb appeal and value.

But keep in mind that you’ll need to perform regular maintenance to keep your wooden fence looking good as new. Curious to know more?

You’re in the right place. Keep reading for seven simple wooden fence maintenance tips that will help your fence look beautiful for years to come.

Let’s get started!

1. Avoid Vines

Although vines are visually appealing, they’re not worth the damage they can cause your new wood fence. After all, plants are a great place for moisture and insects to thrive. Try to keep plants away from your fence, at least so they’re not directly touching. 

2. Don’t Hang Items

Hanging items on your wooden fence, like flower baskets, may cause warping. If possible, try not to hang anything on your fence. And if you do, make sure they’re super lightweight.

3. Repaint Every Two Years

Refreshing your fence’s paint, water repellent, or stain every other year is an important part of regular wooden fence maintenance. If you don’t stay on top of these treatments, you’re exposing your fence to a high risk of water damage, warping, or breakage.

4. Point Sprinklers Away

Water damage is a surefire way to reduce the lifespan of your fence. If you have sprinklers in your yard, make sure they’re pointing away from your fence.

5. Regularly Clean Your Fence

Over time, dirt and debris will build up on your wooden fence. As a part of your regular fence maintenance, make sure to thoroughly clean your fence when it starts to look dingy.

When it’s time to clean, you can use a wire brush, a hose, a power washer, or oxygenated bleach. Proper cleaning will not only make your fence look nicer, but it will also reduce the risk of mold and mildew building up.

6. Move Your Grill

There are few things better than grilling fresh food on a summer day. But did you know that your grill may be causing unsightly damage to your wooden fence?

To resolve this issue before it starts, move your grill as far away from your fence as possible. This will prevent the smoke and grease from causing deterioration.

7. Stay on Top of Minor Issues

If you want to know how to preserve a wooden fence for years to come, this tip’s for you. Anytime you see a minor issue with your fence, like a broken post, fix it right away.

Staying on top of minor repairs will save you time and money in the long run. Plus, your fence will look great!

Use These Wooden Fence Maintenance Tips for Great Results

To keep your property looking fresh and beautiful, use the tips above. They’ll help reduce long-term damage to your fence and will save you money in the long run.

For the best results, remember that treating wood fences every other year is a must and to stay on top of cleaning. It’s also important to fix minor issues right away.

Do you have any questions about wooden fence maintenance or installation? Contact us anytime! We’d love to hear from you.