Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: The Top Benefits of Building a Fence On Your Property

building a fence

You might have the best neighbors in the world. Yet building a fence on your property is still a smart idea. Even if your neighbors are your best friends or family members.

Read on for the top benefits privacy fences add to your home and yard. 

Building a Fence for Privacy

One of the main reasons you should consider wood fences for your property is for privacy.

When you are having dinner on your patio or soaking up the sunshine in your bathing suit, you don’t want eyes from next door on you. 


Privacy fences are also great for safety reasons. A fence acts as a deterrent against crime and intruders on your property. Fences that are difficult to climb can deter burglars

Also, if you live in an area that is near wildlife, a fence will keep animals out that could harm your garden, pets or children. 

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Clear Boundaries 

A fence outlines exactly where your property ends. It prevents your neighbors from encroaching on your land

And it gives you a great visual reference to know how much space you have to work with. This is handy if you want to renovate the yard or put in a pool.

A fence helps with maintenance as well. It’s easy to know whose job it is to gather fallen leaves, pull weeds and so on when you have a fence separating your yards. 


A less-known benefit of a fence is that it provides shelter for your yard and garden against blowing snow and strong winds.

A fence can even provide shade depending on the position of your fence. 

Aesthetic Appeal

A fence is like a frame for a beautiful painting. It can enhance the beauty of your home.

You can choose a style that compliments your home: simple and traditional or trendy and eyecatching. 


A fence can act as a sound barrier. It can block out the sounds from your neighborhood such as construction, music, and car noise. 

When you are relaxing in your yard, the last thing you want is to hear noise from all around you.

Increased Home Value

A well-crafted fence adds value to your home. It is an investment that provides so many benefits while you live in the home and will pay off when you want to sell.

Not only do fences add aesthetic appeal for potential homebuyers, but they also add all the benefits we’ve talked about here.

When you sell, you could recoup most of the cost of installing a fence. That makes building a fence one of the best home investments you can make.

Bottom Line on Building a Fence

There you have it. Some of the top reasons why building a fence on your property is a smart move.

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