How to Make Your Patio Fence Panels Work For You

Americans seem to share this romantic image of a home in the country surrounded by a white picket fence. Yet many of us install fencing that doesn’t work for our family, our space or our lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to installing patio fence panels. Before you take the plunge, consider these ways to make your fence not only give you a piece of the American dream but also work for you.

Consider What You Need From Your Space

The right patio fence panel can offer privacy, protection or decoration for your outdoor space. But before you can select the right patio fence panel, you need to consider what you need your space to do for you. Ask your self what you want your patio fence panels to do for your space now, five years from now and ten years from now. Depending on the material you select, your fence panels can last up to 30 years. You want them to meet your needs now and in the future.

Choose a Material

Patio fence panels can be made from wood, vinyl or ornamental metal. Choosing the material that is right for you depends on what you will use it for, your design preference and your budget. State laws regulate the size and style of patio fence panels used as pool enclosures while having a patio enclosure to keep your Yorkie contained may need to be made from wood or vinyl. There is also your budget to consider. While wood is among the least expensive option, the time and expense of regular maintenance to keep it in working order may outweigh the initial price difference between wood and vinyl or metal.

Choose a Style

A panel is a panel, right? Not when you’re talking about patio fencing. You may want the traditional look of the picket fence with the convenience of vinyl. Or you may choose a decorative ornamental metal fence to show off your prize petunias. The style of your patio fence panel may be a matter of preference, but the purpose of your fence will help you narrow down your choices.

Pick Your Options

Do you need a full enclosure for privacy and safety or a partial enclosure for protection and design? How many gates will you need? Pool enclosures need an automatic hinge and latch system on any gates. You may want multiple gates to allow for easy access to deck stairs or garden areas. You may even want handles for easy access rather than traditional gate latches. These options can all be added to your patio fence panels to give you the total fencing package that will meet your needs.

The prospect of choosing patio fence panels may seem like answering rapid fire questions, but taking the time to consider what you need from your fence, what you are willing to spend, how you want your fence to look and any optional features can help you install a fence that you will love for years to come. Fallston Fence can help you do just that, contact us today!