Think Outside the Box: 5 Innovative Privacy Fence Ideas

privacy fence ideas

Nothing makes your home feel more complete and secure quite how a fence does. Forbes mentioned a fence 1st on their list of things that add value to your home. 

A privacy fence goes a step further. Adding that extra oomph of customization gives your house a more refined and finished look. Not to mention, it can keep out the prying eyes of those nosey neighbors. 

You might be thinking that a privacy fence has to be a tall, un-appealing superstructure. But there is a myriad of options at your disposal. Keep reading for innovative privacy fence ideas.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl fencing has come a long way from since its genesis. Most people immediately think of the stark white fencing that offers little character.

But on the contrary, vinyl actually has an endless range of colors. Two-tone options and varying textures can offer you a one-of-a-kind fence that fits your precise design aesthetic.

Vinyl does incur a higher upfront cost than a normal wooden fence but its lifetime of low maintenance more than makes up for it. 

For the homeowner that requires a little upkeep as possible, a vinyl privacy fence is a perfect option.

2. Sheet Metal

As modern architecture continues to permeate the culture, this opens up your home to an exciting amount of possibilities.

Galvanized, corrugated paneling is becoming more and more popular. When framed out with wood, it provides a tasteful focal point for any yard.

These metal sheets meet your longevity requirements if you live in harsher climates with wind and storms.

Metal panels from older industrial buildings have also surged. Powder-coated panels present new color possibilities too.

Their height transcends the normal 4×8 pre-fab paneling of normal fencing and can facilitate a tall fence based on your preference. 

3. Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

The wooden fence still reigns supreme in the world of privacy. The natural curb appeal of a wooden fence adds value to any home. 

Wood can be stained or painted for any design choice. Because of this, they do require yearly touch ups of paint or stain.

Wooden fences are easily repaired when damaged because of each individual plank’s ability to be swapped in or out.

The customizability of wood is unbeatable. Whether ornamental or classic, wood is always a reliable choice.

4. Horizontal Wood

Keeping in line with the modern push of current trends, a horizontal wooden fence is a beautiful and fresh approach to your privacy. 

The spacing between boards can provide zero visibility or slight transparency to integrate more seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. 

Horizontal fencing has the ability to make a great emphasis on your garden area and can even create the illusion that your space is larger. These fences also function well for lounge areas in need of a tasteful barrier.

5. Lattice Accents

Whether you’ve decided that wood, vinyl or metal fencing fits you best, adding a lattice accent to the top of your fence gives a great pop of character.

Latticework is variable in size, spacing, and orientation so that the design will be very fashionable. 

It can even improve airflow in your yard to invite in those gentle breezes.

A True Statement

Your privacy fence is a blank canvas and you make it almost anything you want it to be. Starting with the material that works best for you, enhancing your backyard will become a fun and creative way to give your home the privacy you desire.

Be sure to reach out to us to get your privacy fence ideas up and running. A safe and sophisticated backyard is closer than you think.