Why You Should Stay Away from Big Box Stores

Why You Should Stay Away from Big Box Stores

Big box home improvement outlets like Lowes and Home Depot have a singular goal, and that is – to maximize each sale by increasing their profit margins. In short, homeowners pay for convenient locations, but they also pay a higher price for a lower quality product.

If you’re looking for new or replacement residential or commercial fence installation, what you find at big box stores offering DIY fencing products are fake experts that are trained to sale – not to provide the right solution or the right installation to fit your needs.

DIY fencing projects are wrought with installation problems including:

  • wrong fence material for application
  • insufficient depth of fence posts
  • inadequate foundation support
  • wrong fence height or length

A fence company specializes in all types of fencing materials, styles, and fence foundations to make sure your fence stands for many years against all weather conditions and even the occasional abuse from children playing. When you need a quality fence installation, here are some reasons why you should stay away from big box stores.

Big Box Employees Are Not Fencing Experts

Fencing contractors have experienced hundreds of fence installations and they know that when it comes to any type of home improvement, technical knowledge plus training and experience are all needed for a high-quality fence project. They can show you pictures of installations they have completed and how they solved the unique problems of the property owner. Fencing experts can also guide you in choosing the right type, size, and style of fence.

Wider Selection and Higher Grade Fencing

Independent fence contractors have access to a huge volume of wholesale fencing materials to meet any type of installation. At Big Box chains, the selection is limited to what the buyers think will sell quicker. This means you get a limited selection of visually appealing products, but these fencing materials are not builder’s grade products – they are may for the domestic consumer market. A fencing contractor will offer construction grade fencing built to last, in addition to being stylish.

Custom Cuts to Fit Your Needs

What you find at major home improvement stores is a selection of fencing options that will fit the majority of typical installations. But not every home is typical and not every property owner wants a one-size-fits-all fence. You can add value and curb appeal to your home with an expert fence installation that knows how to custom cut to length and width to fit your specific landscape.

High-Quality Materials vs. Imitation Products

Home improvement stores cannot make their profits by selling high-quality fencing at Big Box retail prices. These products have no warranty on materials or installation – leaving you in the red if the fence fails. You must look at every detail of a fence installation, from the wood and fasteners that are used to coatings or paint that is applied. Every part of a fence system contributes to a quality installation. Poorly treated lumber, low quality bagged concrete mixes, and fasteners that are not hot-dip galvanized will all contribute to a fence that will not stand up to wind, rain, snow, and impact.

For a high-quality fence built to last through the years of property ownership, Fallston Fence Contractors offers a better price over the life of your new fence when compared to Big Box retail stores. We are fencing experts and our crews are highly trained to not only install an expertly grounded and straight fence but to also care for your property.

We minimize any landscaping disruptions and always leave your property clear of any debris after we’re done. And most importantly, we don’t sell or install low-grade or imitation fencing products – but we can meet your budget by discussing a wide range of fencing material and installation options.