Can Installing a Fence Increase Your Property Value?

installing a fence

Installing a fence can be a great investment for your property. It can improve your property values, but there are several variables that come into play.

Besides figuring out what materials you’ll use and the cost to build a fence, you must keep your finger on the pulse to be sure you find the right fence for your property.

Consider these tips so that you can install a fence on your terms.

The Variables That Affect Your Property Value

So will a fence installation improve your property values?


There are several variables that you must know about. Consider these points as you shop for a new fence:

1. The Type of Fence That You Opt For

It’s crucial that you stay aware of the fence types you can buy. This will directly affect how much property value appreciation you’ll receive.

Some main types of fences that you can buy include vinyl, wood, PVC and chain link. You can also get an ornamental fence installed that is of high quality and provides you with lots of privacy.

When you opt for a brand new fence, consider the materials you’re getting it built with, since that affects the property values.

2. The Size and Function of the Fence

Buying a brand new fence has a lot of benefits, so be sure you are considerate of the size of your fence and how you want to use it.

For example, you can build a large privacy fence that offers you shade. You could also set a fence up that is durable so that your property has heightened security.

Consider the role of the fence and build it to the size of your liking.

3. The Amount You Pay Compared to the ROI

When you are concerned about whether your property values will go up, always consider the cost of the fence.

You can buy a new wood fence for upwards of $20,000, depending on the type of materials and the labor needed. Contrast the cost you pay with the property value spike you expect to receive to see if it’s worth it.

4. How You Maintain and Repair Your Fence

Your property values will be higher when your fence is well maintained. If you allow your fence to get dirty or fall apart, it’ll have the opposite effect.

You might look into things like paint work, protective coatings, or fixing the structure of the fence. As such, you’ll want to talk to some professionals that can handle the work for you.

5. The Craftsmanship That You Receive

You will improve your property values when you get a quality installation.

Speak to several fence professionals so they can set you up with the best work that you need. Get some referrals from fence contractors to know for sure you’re getting excellent craftsmanship.

Installing a Fence on Your Terms

Buying a new fence can absolutely have positive effects on your property values. However, you need to be aware of the variables that will directly affect this value spike.

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